JDev 10g vs 11g – Day 1

JDev 10gR3 and 11gR2 were installed on the following OS:

Win XP,Win 7 64bit,Ubuntu 10,RedHat 5,Mac OS X

While trying to get jdev 11r2 to work on Ubuntu 10, I accidently canceled the run process while trying to bring up the embedded weblogic for the first time. Upon trying to re start the process, I got he following error:
“Server Instance IntegratedWebLogicServer could not be started: Error starting Server Instance.”
After a search on OTN forum, I found that there are some directories which are created automagically the first time wls is brought up. In my case these dirs were not sucessfully and hence caused the error. The solution is to delete this DefaultDomain dir, this elusive dir on ubuntu was hidden in my home dir under:
After removing this dir, I was still skeptical that FOD would run because the process took a very long time (3-4mins) to bring up the demo page. Also, to note that there should be a config wizard which pops up to let you enter a password for wls the first time you run it.

Also, another surprising test result was that ubuntu runs jdev 11r2 slower vs windows xp (opposite when comparing 10g). This remains true even after I up the memory settings.

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