JDev 10g vs 11g – Day 3

Numbers are in.  Note that some of these tests were conducted on machines/os not certified by official documentation and stability is not guaranteed. Antivirus software on windows platforms were disabled (when turned on, the performance times were greatly increased). Also, our corporate win7 laptops runs encryption software that could effect performance. The jdeveloper versions used were 10gr3 and 11gr2. Although 11gr2 startup time seems slower vs 10g, the embedded wls has a fast swap option which allows developers to quickly see changes without wls restart.

Currently our team develops with the ubuntu and xp setup. Compile and runtimes are significantly faster on ubuntu.

embedded oc4j actually runs faster on ubuntu with an old 2duo setup vs win7 i7!

Fusion order demo was the biggest application I can find to run compile/run times with. The compile times are not too far apart across all hardware setups.

This is where the numbers start to puzzle me.  Embedded weblogic run times for the app seemed to be very inconsistent and slow when running under ubuntu. The difference in times varied between +- 40seconds! Also, surprisingly the win7 i7 was expected to follow macbookpro but instead it was on the bottom along with our old linux setup.

12/26/2012 Update
slow wls on linux solved (somewhat)! Now it takes ~70 seconds to start the wls and bring up the FOD home page.

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4 Responses to JDev 10g vs 11g – Day 3

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  3. Hello Wes,

    Thanks for maintaining this blog. I will definitely reference this in the near future. We are slowly moving into ADF development and one of the first hurdles is the hardware. In our organization, the windows 7 machines are currently managed by our helpdesk. We are starting the process of purchasing new hardware, and having the development team maintain the images for the new hardware.

    I am wondering how your development team manages their computers. Is this done by the individual, enterprise helpdesk, or maybe the development team? I’m guessing everyone is at least a local admin on their own Windows 7 computers, but are there base images maintained for the computers and what about other developer software apps?


    • wesfang says:

      Hi Adrian,

      Currently, our team is composed of 4 ADF/JavaEE and 4 oracle db developers. Our machines are administered by our hospital’s IT department. Specs for our current jdev machines are the intel i7s based desktops listed in my 5/7/2013 post. I think the biggest improvement aside from the upgraded processors are the SSDs which makes ADF compile, embedded WLS run much faster. I’m not sure what enterprise software is used to administer the PCs globally but our developer admin is exactly what you said, we get a base win7 pro image and admin rights. We are currently using JDev at the moment and tools we using on the side are SVN 1.7 and Hudson on Glassfish 3 (running on a separate integration/repository win 7 server). I hope to hear your adf development experiences as well and thanks for reading my blog!

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