ADF 11g Project Structure (List of content)

Update 7/30/2013 – See my updated and final structure here:


This is the tentative structure I have decided on based on references listed in my prior post.  I took a lot of good ideas from from angels in the architecture presentation by Chris ,OFDG (Frank & Lynn’s Oracle Fusion Developer Guide) and Grant’s case study on SummitADF. The layout is very basic but the key idea is to put heavy emphasis in reuse and ui consistency. I tried to promote reuse in 10g but it was very limited (no templates,taskflows, declarative components). Hence, I am excited to try out the reusability features in 11g geared towards a team development environment. As always, I hope to hear any feedback from the community.

Previous post regarding arch considerations:

Part 1 – The CommonApp that is distributed to all developers

Part 2–  The MasterApp that serve as the point of entry into developer apps (via btfs)

Part 3– The ModuleApp that each developer build

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