ADF 11g Project Structure – Part 1: CommonApp







Update 7/30/2013 – See my updated and final structure here:



ModelProject deployed as mskcc- common-model.jar

ViewControllerProject deployed as mskcc- common-viewcontroller.jar

Security will be based on Steve’s DynamicJDBC implementation.

report  package will contain servlet and related classes to initate requests to Oracle Report Server.

All entities for the db are defined in the entity package

Jar Dependency

No other ADFLibrary dependency.



Should declarative components,template,fragments be in a separate project and deployed individually in its own adfjar?

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2 Responses to ADF 11g Project Structure – Part 1: CommonApp

  1. Nelson Maia says:

    Hi, very nice your post.

    I would like to know if its possible download some sample of this architeture? With all projects and workspaces.


  2. wesfang says:

    Hi Nelson, I have one more design consideration to review and thats the idea of where to place the RootAppModule. Once this is finalized, I will provide a skeleton of the code which can be used by anyone.Thanks for reading!


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