Quick things I learned about jdev 11g this week.

IDE related

.jsf/jsff files can be refactored (e.g. moved to different location)

Data Controls can be decoratively created in View Controller project via a right click on a java class source file.


Within a pivot table, on a particular column, in order to refer to value from another column. use the following example:


*Note that this only works when the parent tag is “dataCell”. I have not yet figure out how to reference a dataCell column value from a headerCell column.

pivot table will render all items within the pivotTable binding regardless if the jsf page has dataCell facet bound. I tired to delete some of the dataCell facet in hopes to “hide” the columns I did not want the UI to render but still have need for reference. I still have yet to figure this out.

ADF Essentials testing

Using an af:table, there are bugs with viewing data queried from mysql (adf faces,bc) vs oracle db.  Will need to wait for future oracle jdev releases for a fix. Confirmed this with another developer on our team.

default jdbc datasource or jndi name works only on weblogic, when app is deployed to glassfish 3.1, the datasource needs to be named with jdbc/DSNAME. This means that AppModuleLocal config needs to be changed if embedded weblogic is used for development but prod uses standalone glassfish container.


drag and drop does not work if the panelbox is within a fragment.

see: https://blogs.oracle.com/groundside/entry/making_those_panelboxes_behave

“$” expression also called “eagerer fetching”. It is used in the pageDef to resolve value of EL, otherwise the string is passed in.

see: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/adf/learnmore/68-contextual-event-table-selection-262503.pdf

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