Quick things I learned about JDeveloper 11g this week.

IDE related

  • Speed up JDeveloper! Performance Optimization Tips



  • Beware, setting the look and feel to windows mess up the wizards for contextual events. After setting up a CE, upon defining a subscriber, notice the lookup for the event does not work along with panel size issues with the CE subscriber “wizard”. I am using windows XP Pro.


Common problems and solution:

1. Problem:  I kept getting NPE in my pojo contextual event handler when I try to access the UI Shell tabcontext.



“To access TabContext methods from within a task flow, define a parameter for TabContext in the task flow. The UI Shell template passes in TabContext.”

2. Problem: Upon running an app with BTF if the btf does not render in a region and within the log console, you see a line that says

“<ViewXmlImpl> <parsePageParameters> ADFc: Failed to parse element ‘input-page-parameter’.”

Solution: Check the btf xml source and make sure you delete any empty input-page-parameter. I see this happen when I try to create a parameter on the btf but then delete it. it dosnt seem the source file is synched with the update.

input-page-parameter id=”__3″>




Contextual Events

  • Contextual Events can only be consumed by a parent subscriber.

For example

Page  (event cannot be consumed here)
-Btf (event can be consumed here)
–Btf (event fired from here)

There must be a way to broadcast to a ancestor page, I have not yet found a solution.

  •  Programatic contextual events



  • Navigate to BTF programmatically


  • Programmatically passing parameters into a BTF. Long story short. In R2, you can just call the addTab() method that takes a parameters map.




Upon undeloying an app within embedded wls, I get the following error

“Removal of application policy failed”



When running an application with with a button that fires a contextual Event, I notice the following console printout from embedded wls.

“Failed to build StructureDefinition”

Found this answer





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