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ADF Faces, ADF Essentials: How to reuse Oracle ADF style image icons

JDeveloper version: 1. Read and try out this great article Frank wrote on how to use images that are distributed in a jar file: 2. You can reference the existing ADF Faces images like the following: <af:image source=”/adf/images/clear.png” … Continue reading

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Solution:How to deploy image resource as jar onto glassfish

My “sum of parts” system prototype uses couple of icons from the ADF RC Demo application . Several of the ChildApps has commandbuttons that need to render with the same icon. After a quick search, I found an article Frank wrote. … Continue reading

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Solution: ADF Essentials & Glassfish deployment error – could not find sub module as defined in application.xml

Randomly, I started to get this error in the server.log file of my glassfish 3 standalone server. I would first try to deployment my adf ear file from jdev 11g2 which fails with the following message in the deployment console: … Continue reading

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Solution: ADF BTF design time error – Task flow “abc” refers to page fragments, and there for cannot call bounded taskflow “xyz” that refers to pages.

It took a couple of hours for me to figure out that a page fragment based BTF  can call a page based BTF as a dialog. This can be accomplished by: In the page fragment based BTF, drop off the … Continue reading

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