Solution:How to deploy image resource as jar onto glassfish

My “sum of parts” system prototype uses couple of icons from the ADF RC Demo application . Several of the ChildApps has commandbuttons that need to render with the same icon. After a quick search, I found an article Frank wrote. He describes the exact scenario with a solution that included both design and deployment time solution with the use of “ADF Shared Library” and Weblogic. This all worked fine except when I deploy to my Glassfish sandbox, the images do not show. Upon closer look at the application ear deployment profile, I notice that even thou the jar (containing the images) was added to the project library, it was not included by default upon ear deployment. Hence the quick fix is to select it as shown below.


My code:

<f:view …
<af:form id=”f1″>
<af:image source=”/adf/images/backarrow.gif” id=”i2″/>

Runtime result on glassfish:


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