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ADF Faces: commandbutton with keyboard “hotkeys” example using JQuery

This simple example will display a page with a button on it and when you hit the ‘F9’ key, an actionlistener is called on the backing bean. Javascript files should be placed under APPLICATIONNAME\ViewController\public_html\resources\js\ JSF Code: … <af:document title=”hotkeystester.jsf” id=”d1″> … Continue reading

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JDeveloper 10g slow: Metalink patch for version and

    Seems like a pretty old patch that applies to last two releases of JDeveloper 10g. You can log into metalink and search for patch number: 8606537.

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JDeveloper 10g ( and JDeveloper 11g ( performance benchmark update

This is a followup post to my original post regarding jdeveloper performance here: Here are the updated numbers after getting our new i7 development PCs with SSD and windows 7 64bit. The new machine proved to be roughly twice … Continue reading

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