Start to finish, ADF Essentials deployment on Amazon EC2

Developers! Developers! Developers! … gives you an idea about how excited I am to finally have finished my latest tutorial on how to deploy an ADF application and make it publicly available. One other incentive here is it’s free cloud hosting for a year. I am certainly not here to sell you anything and there are instability issues with the service you can read about on the web but in my opinion it’s a great way to get a feel for setting up your ADF infrastructure from scratch. Hopefully this tutorial can serve as a reference for you to begin your own quest to making your ADF app available to everyone!

The key steps for setting up Glassfish with ADF Essentials has been well documented by Shay Shmeltzer. Check out his informative blog post and his youtube video on the procedure. Below are links to the video series and I apologize in advance for the poor audio quality, my pc microphone is terrible and I’ve put in an order for a new condenser mic for future recording.

Part 1 – Setting up Linux AMI instance
Part 2 – Local software install and ssh/sftp setup.
Part 3 – Remote software install, db & datasource config.
Part 4 – Jdeveloper connection setup, build simple ADF app.
Part 5 – Deployment

Also I have listed below some long commands and related information I used for the setup.

For Cygwin/X packages:

After installing JDK, added JAVA_HOME to .bashrc file:
export JAVA_HOME=”/usr/lib/jvm/jdk1.7.0_15″
export PATH=”$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH”

Mysql account creation:
CREATE USER ‘john’@’localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypassword’;
CREATE USER ‘john’@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘mypassword’;

Glassfish connection pool creation command via asadmin:
create-jdbc-connection-pool –datasourceclassname=com.mysql.jdbc.jdbc2.optional.MysqlDataSource –restype=javax.sql.ConnectionPoolDataSource –property=”user=john:password=mypassword:url=jdbc\\:mysql\\://localhost\\:3306/databasename”

That’s it! Let me know if you have any issues or found other ways to simplify any of the given steps, hit me up on twitter @wesleyfang. You can also visit my live instance at Thanks for looking!


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5 Responses to Start to finish, ADF Essentials deployment on Amazon EC2

  1. Congratulations for this great material!

  2. cpierres says:

    An other congratulation for this material !
    I haven’t got the time to try it now but I have one question : can we use easily Oracle database (express) on Amazon EC2 ?
    Thanks a lot !

  3. wesfang says:

    @cpierres, I believe this is possible, a quick search on google returns a bunch of blogs on how to get it setup. Here is one, . Try it out and let me know if you get everything up and working, thanks for reading!

  4. Floyd Teter says:

    Genius. Pure genius. Thanks you!

  5. Seth says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. This is very well written and also very useful. Can’t wait to test it out.

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