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Automated web scraping tutorial using jsoup, JPA, EclipseLink and ADF Essentials 12.1.3

Q: How does a programmer surf the web? A: With a scraper. There are several sites I visit periodically to track a specific set of data relevant to my interest. This rinse and repeat process quickly becomes boring and prone … Continue reading

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ADF Directed Acyclic Graphs

One of the application I created a prototype for at work collects surveys which patients fill out. An example of a simple survey question with “branching” requirement can be related to gender. Based on that answer, only related sub questions … Continue reading

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Solution: ADF Faces, How to programmatically build a dvt:pieGraph with List of elements.

While looking for a programmatic approach to generating a dvt:pieGraph, I noticed the collection data is slightly different compared to rendering a dvt:barGraph. After a quick search on the OTN Forum returned a thread but it looks like it was … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Declaratively render UTF menu model using various ADF Faces components.

Screen shots Trailer video of end product Deployed example The idea for this tutorial started with a UI requirement for our system to provide navigation flexibility at runtime to various modules. Also our clinical business analysts wanted a “Site … Continue reading

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Start to finish, ADF Essentials deployment on Amazon EC2

“Developers! Developers! Developers!” … gives you an idea about how excited I am to finally have finished my latest tutorial on how to deploy an ADF application and make it publicly available. One other incentive here is it’s free cloud … Continue reading

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Oracle ADF continuous integration using Hudson and automated Weblogic deployment.

tl;dr Use the following ant task definition for deploying to weblogic. <target name=”weblogic-undeploy”>     <java classname=”weblogic.Deployer”           args=”-adminurl t3://WEBLOGICSERVERURL:7001 -user USERNAME -password PASSWORD -name APPLICATIONNAME -undeploy”           classpath=”${install.dir}/wlserver_10.3/server/lib/weblogic.jar”>            </java>   </target>     <target name=”weblogic-deploy” depends=”weblogic-undeploy”>     <java classname=”weblogic.Deployer” … Continue reading

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Solution: How to setup standalone Weblogic 11g (10.3.6) with ADF Runtime 11g (

It seems that I’m always behind the latest ADF Technology, just as I was wrapping up my testing of various ways to setting up a standalone WLS/ADF 11g install, Oracle releases wls/jdev 12c! Thus, if you are looking to get … Continue reading

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